About The Cord Cutting Guide

Want to know a secret? My first attempt at cutting the cord failed miserably. I didn’t do anything wrong, I just didn’t have enough knowledge to know that the antenna on sale at the local store couldn’t possibly work at my location. I don’t know why rural stores still sell antennas made more for the city, but they do. Unfortunately, I’m sure many people gave up on cord cutting after trying a short-range antenna only to find that it didn’t work for them.

To be honest, my second attempt at cord cutting didn’t fare so well either. Everything was working good until high winds from a late season tornado bent the antenna mast in half. The mast was made out of aluminum and in hind-sight I should have known about the possibility that strong winds would blow it over but at the time I didn’t have the knowledge. The store, after all, called it an “antenna mast” so it should be ok, right?

That was when my (then) wife decided that she wanted to watch a cable-only network. I didn’t have the knowledge to know (again!) that there was an alternative, so my cord-cutting days were put on hold and I reluctantly went back to cable.

Thankfully, today, the cable box with it’s 3-digit monthly bill (and the wife!) are gone and I don’t plan on ever going back!

This site was made to help people gain the knowledge they need to save on their cable bill by “cutting the cord”. It’s goal is to help people by providing easy step-by-step instructions, guides, and news to help inform consumers of their TV programming choices.

Cord cutting in general is the term used for not getting TV programming from a traditional cable or satellite. In most cases cutting the cord saves people money. To see if it’s right for you read “Is Cord Cutting Right For Me?”.

About the Author

My name is Greg Groth and I’m a freelance web designer/programmer. I was a correctional officer for approximately 15 years until the state closed the prison where I worked. After the closure, I went back to school and earned my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science while becoming the guardian of my two grand-children. You can find out more at greggroth.net.